Building Cost Efficiency

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Build cost

Our merger provides us with tremendous opportunities to learn from the best practices of each of the legacy businesses and to benefit from the increased scale of our combined operations.

Photo: Specification


We have reviewed the housetype ranges of the two legacy businesses in the UK in order to identify opportunities to reduce build costs. A review of similar housetypes from the two ranges has identified significant opportunities for cost saving arising from differences in the underlying specifications. For example, changes to the design of the plumbing in some of our housetypes will result in reduced materials and installation costs.

Photo: Subcontractors


Our increased scale means that we are able to offer subcontractors greater volumes of work and more certainty of future work. This has enabled us to work collaboratively with many of our subcontractors to find ways to reduce costs.

Photo: Build process

Build process

We have undertaken a thorough review of the build processes used by the legacy businesses in both the UK and North America to identify the optimal approach for the combined business moving forward. As an example, we have identified an opportunity to deliver significant potential savings on scaffolding costs by amending the build process to reduce the length of time that it is required on each plot.

Photo: Materials


Our increased scale brings with it opportunities for cost savings on our material purchases. In the first instance, we have undertaken an exercise to compare the prices paid for materials by each of the legacy businesses in order to take advantage of the best deals for future completions. Beyond this, our scale enables us to work with our suppliers to establish how we can take costs out of the process of supplying our raw materials, to the benefit of both parties.