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Land and

Land is the lifeblood of our business. Combining Taylor Woodrow’s strong strategic landbank and George Wimpey's well sourced short term land has delivered a well balanced landbank that puts Taylor Wimpey in an excellent position for the future.

Photo: Strategic Land

Strategic land

In the UK, land with an implementable planning consent remains a scarce resource. Competition for such land is intense resulting in relatively high purchase prices. Our strategic land team is dedicated to identifying sites which do not currently have planning consent, but have good potential for future development. We would typically agree a purchase option arrangement with the landowner and then work together to promote the site through the planning process. Purchase options generally provide us with the ability to purchase the land at a discount to open market value when suitable planning consents are obtained. We aim to increase the proportion of our UK home completions that are built on strategically sourced land over time.

Photo: Brownfield land

Brownfield land

During 2007, 68% of our homes in the UK were built on 'brownfield’ or previously developed land. This classification incorporates a wide variety of former uses. For example, our Axis development in Coventry is on the site of the former Peugeot works; our Grand Union Village development in West London is on the site of the former Taylor Woodrow head office; and our Modern Ice development in San José, California, is on the site of a former refrigeration and cold storage unit. We regularly turn disused, neglected or contaminated land into thriving new communities. Many of our developments integrate green spaces or wildlife areas and involve conservation work.

Photo: Developing communities

Developing communities

Planning skills are a key element of our success. The ability to develop sustainable communities is a key factor in winning land bids and also ensures that the finished developments are attractive and vibrant communities where people want and can afford to live. More detail on this aspect of our business is provided in our separate Corporate Responsibility Report.

Photo: Taylor Woodrow Communities

Taylor Woodrow Communities

Our land development business in North America, Taylor Woodrow Communities, identifies and acquires land suitable for housing. We then masterplan the community and put in place the required infrastructure to support the building of homes. Having identified the plots that best suit our product range, we sell on the remaining plots to other homebuilders.